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Sounds Like; Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, The Band

Connecticut singer/songwriter Tracy Walton is an interesting artist, his music is steeped in country, embracing the rich heritage of the genre, while holding his own with his deep and versatile voice, which ties the album together nicely, even as the music skips around and delves into unsuspected territory.

The album starts off with the track “Walls” which kicks off with an accapella harmony introduction, giving the listener a quick preview of what’s to come. The song has somewhat of an Americana vibe to it, mixed with traditional country sounds. “Songs For You” is an acoustic ballad that really showcases Tracy’s talent for writing classic country melodies. The background melodies are a nice compliment as well. Next is “Sunny Days”, an uptempo bass driven song about days gone by. The track “Redeemed” has a breezy back and forth duet with a gifted female that comes together in harmony for the choruses. The slide guitar really brings it home. From here the album begins to take a turn into new and fertile territory. “Let Me Take You Home” is a total rock and roll song, with distorted vocals and is somewhat of a shock coming after the previous few songs. After that is “If I Ever Get Away” the title track of the album, which crosses over into indie rock turf, though keeping roots in country. This song would be at home with The Lumineers. Suddenly we’re back to familiar territory, with “Beer Is Now Cheaper Than Gas” a country rock satire of our dire economy and our love of cold frothy drink. “Life Goes On” is another acoustic based song that almost takes on Molly Hatchet vocally. “Think You Do” winds down the album nicely with a traditional country sound that would be perfect for a Texas watering hole.

Overall, Tracy Walton’s “If I Ever Get Away” is an enjoyable experience full of surprises and takes the listener on an amusement park of a country vacation.

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Final rating: 8.5/10

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