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October 18, 2011


Brand New Again

  • 1. Too Far Gone
  • 2. They Say You Can Never Go Home
  • 3. Things Will Never Be the Same
  • 4. Brand New Again
  • 5. It's Just Begun (Enduring Devils)
  • 6. Shake the Blues
  • 7. Goodbye Caroline
  • 8. 92
  • 9. Sorry
  • 10. Friend of Mine

Customer Reviews Brand New Again by Stephanie Van Clief Singer-songwriter, Tracy Walton, brings the listener down back roads, through broken, lonely hearts, and into hopeful, open skies.. The title cut, "Brand New Again", is beautiful both lyrically and muscically, and speaks to every woman's need at some point in her life to feel...new again. The silent, soft hurting of a broken heart is played out in "Enduring Evils", where a man goes throught the motions of living without his true love. Dancers will be Texas-Two-Stepping around the dance floor with '92" and swinging to the wild-card track of the album, "Shake the Blues". The final track, They Say You Can Never Go Home" is the last-call song that everyone's singing along to at the local bar. The album, Brand New Again, will leave you craving more of Walton's caramel smooth vocals, and exceptional musicianship. ...More Great sound. Start to Finish. by IanJPhoto This album has a great feeling from the first note to the last. An album the way albums used to be. Each song is beautifully written, composed and produced. The musicianship is clean and tight, while the songwriting is wrought with poetic power. I have had this album for several weeks and it is now in constant rotation. Besides, my Mom likes it. Tracks 3, 1, 4, 2, 6, 7, 10, 9, 5, and 8 are my favorites. ...More Wow - amazing lyrics. I by Lina Jean Awesome song. I can't stop listening. I feel like he's talking about me.

Brand New Again
In her Sunday dress, Mondays always come to soon
she wants to be dancing by the moon
From the midwest, she set out east upon a tune
Settled down a bit to soon

I know I've seen better days, safe to say she's seen the same
Back door slams she wipes her tears away,
it's gotta start with me.

She did her best, knew the kids would have to come
No one gets out when you're on the run
She could talk for days, never feel you have to say
Anything and everything, it would be ok

Finally seems she's found her way, after years of toil and pain

Close the windows draw the shades, tomorrow she'll remind you

She's gonna be brand new again
She's gonna be brand new again
She's gonna be brand new again

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