1. Better Man

From the recording Moderately Unknown

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Better Man

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some say life's a game of give and take and forgiveness is divine and while a good man learns from his mistakes I know that love isn;t blind some say you should always learn to forget if you hope to get by and while the hard work may all be in vain Still I know I must try It's a hard road to tow at the least when it's built on a lie but I'll fill in the holes and despite being frayed I'll be a better man today Some say you should only practice what you preach actions speak louder than words, but our house was built with many many p____s, so casting stones would be absurd. and the water runs cold and deep, when you're swimming for your life If you throw me an oar, I will row until I break and be a better man today so as we question till death do us part and what becomes of our seed I will not give up on you my love that I promise faithfully