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Too Far Gone

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As the town stood by we boarded the boats and set sail for fame and fortune Some shed a tear, some drank to the past, some of us praying we’d never be back One took on water and never left port and swam back to join the rewarded. As the stones were cast they saw the last mast, but they were too scared to try they were too far gone. Some were quick to throw lines at the first hopeful sign but the depths were a little distorted While others still drift on an endless sea wishing their anchors were just a bit longer The unfortunate few who crashed on the rocks, their bodies would never recover they thought. They just stared at the breech and wished they were home. They were too scared to try and to far gone. But for a small few who managed the breaks and found the bay of glory. Where their struggles rewarded they found roots to grow, and lived out their side of the story I’m told As the years went by they took stock of their nets yes they were full, happy, content, yet they still dreamt of home like a sirens song but they were too scared to try and too far gone