From the recording Brand New Again

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They Say You Can Never Go Home

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When I was young, I wouldn’t go as far as born to run, yet I’d move briskly towards the sun And now I’m here on this stage with some local international fame It’s a brand new city, yet somehow the same And they say you can never go home, well I wouldn’t want to be there again Cause it never ends happy and I’ve got new friends. Pack the drums and guitars, we’ll all pull a stool to the bar, we’ll recount the moments if any there are As we toast the times, to the future and to this very night, We’ll drink to tomorrow and may the past stay behind CHORUS As the lights go low, I hope you’re all satisfied with the show, and may we all be lucky and no one leaves alone. And they say you can never go home Maybe I could try it again We’ll throw a big party and invite all my friends