From the recording Brand New Again

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Shake the Blues

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Got me a band never drops a beat Got me a band to help you move your feet They’re the greatest band down to the man I’m sure you agree won’t you give em a hand I got me a band and it might be all I need Got me some fans they clap when I sing my songs Got me some fans they like to sing along No need to turn around cause I’m talking to you Don’t worry bout the words cause it’s only a blues Got me some fans and you might be all I need We go in and out and up and down Jump yourself back put your feet on the ground Don’t look now cause you might just shake the blues. Got me a job slinging this guitar Got me job who says I won’t go far Out on the road trying to get by We’ve all had a slice of that humble pie Got me a job and it might be all I need Got me a girl she never tell no lies Got me a girl pretty easy on the eyes She been with me so damn long knows what I did before it’s wrong Got me a girl and she’s sure all I need