From the recording Brand New Again

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Goodbye Caroline

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Well I’m busted and broke I made friends with a rope but I don’t think I’m set to retire. And I still think of you when there’s nothing left to do but throw one more coal at the fire. I’d play you a tune but my e string broke and the chords aren’t so pretty down here. I could tell you a joke but I forgot them all and my intentions might seem unclear. And I knew I could see you laughing I wish I’d heard you cry So Goodbye Yes goodbye Goodbye Caroline The sheets are a mess and the pillows unkept I never liked sleeping alone. I tried switching sides but it was much too high and I kept falling back in the hole. And I find myself laying here with a lit cigarette and I’m wide a wake half of the time And it ain’t hard to do when you’ve got nothing left to lose maybe I’ll sit up for a while BRIDGE CHORUS All the kids are out back playing ball and jacks and they still think you ran to the store What should I say it wouldn’t matter any way it’s hard to make sense from the floor I found that old ring you’d been looking for and I set it on the stand by the bed I cried last night in our swimming pool as the stars all appear to be dead