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Small Town America

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The old church is an off track betting
The mini mart does drive through weddings
And all the store fronts go by a different name

The diner serves as a disco tech
The fast food joint sells toys for sex in the back room
So no one feels ashamed

The town I grew up in
It’s just not the same
Looking back I can see the cracks
I loved her just the same

The town drunk is the intern mayor
His platform was a single payer
Where the first tow drinks in the old dive bar are free

It’s a small town America
Small town a America
She’s all grown up in the 21st century

The high school is a gun free zone
A retired judge is at the bails and loans
And I cash my check with no form of id

The down town has been boarded up
The big box store is where I get my stuff
The price is right and with a discount it's almost free