1. My Father

From the recording Small Town America

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My Father

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I looked to my father and I heard what he said
son you are different then left things unsaid
And I cried how I cried
I cried till I had no more tears in my eyes
I lay down in my head and escaped to a place in my mind

I ran to my mother and she took me aside
she said your fathers been drinking so stay out of sight
And she gave of her life
She pulled me close and I stayed by here side
and the light through her dress was enough to make it
alright for the time

And the branches of this family tree
lay broken and tangled and so hard to see
and I don’t have the history to say what’s to be
As the roots run deep and strong with time
but the soils imperfect and chokes out some life
leave the fool to guess what will be left when we die

My sister she set out as soon as she could
leaving us wanting and misunderstood
And she failed, though she tried
To run from a past she so often denied
it’s hard to find ground when the bottom is no where in sight

I wrote to my brother who was still oversees
looking for wisdom and maybe relief
And I swear that I tried
with a pen I set out with my words to take flight
And for moments it appeared I had left it all behind so behind