1. I Don't Mind

From the recording Small Town America

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I Don't Mind

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I don’t mind if you sit this one out
I’ve asked too much already as of late
I don’t find it strange that you’re complicated
and sometimes don’t know just what to say

I don’t care if you forget the days
The past is only a state of mind
I’m still a phone call
I wouldn’t be ashamed
No I don’t mind

I don’t mind what your parents say
I understand their concern and their peculiar ways
I don’t find it strange that your friends think
you need some time and that we’re just a phase

I don’t care if your far away
The west coast is only a plane ride
It’s just a phone call I’ll be on my way
I don’t mind

I don’t mind if you don’t respond
I get you are busy and started that new job
I don’t worry that it’s been more days than I care to count
Or need to let on

Maybe your a little far away
I’m starting to lose my state of mind
Return my phone call
Even if it’s late I don’t mind

We all can feel alone its a great big world you’ll find
Don’t be afraid, embrace the moment, see the signs