From the recording Small Town America

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Same Shit Different Day

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We had the big wheel, you get motorized bikes
it used to be about popular now it's about how many likes
we got drunk and stoned you go to a rave
we dragged a keg in a field we both were underage
It’s the same shit different day

we had MTV, you got the internet
they had color tv, if they could afford a set
we got kurt kobain, they had marvin gay
We got maclemore you had kid and play

they had jane fonda you got the dixie chicks
we got sleepy Joe and they had tricky dick
they had the marquis de Sade and now there's christian grey
they both like to play a bit rough but in a loving way

we had johnny cash you got luke bryan
You had bob dylan we got miley cyrus
we had rock and roll you got stuck with rap
vinyl still sounds good mp3's sound like crap
it ain't like back in the day
no it sure ain't like back in the day