1. Soul Survivor

From the recording Small Town America

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Soul Survivor

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I'm independently independent -sole survivor, lone descendant of a race of people that were just like me.

I’m positively positive the only person who somehow lived here’s the tale of what came to be

We both thought we were alone, cast aside to forever roam, undeniable true autonomy

questioning fatalism, solitary in our wisdom there’s a finality in finally.

I’m unequivocally quizzical which comes across as cynical but most days I still believe.

I’m optimized for optimism , ebb and flow with the rhythm disregard all the things I’ve seen

We both spent all our nights searching for signs of life
the stars would guide by land and sea

Most days hope was lost, at what price? such a cost
There’s a reality in eternity

One day at my lowest low i stumbled on another soul we joined hands instantly
not a word was spoken there we understood in a mutual stare that we would live harmoniously.